It begins with a dream. A vision seeded in your mind. But the next step is the one that counts. The first step. Onto the plane. Into the sky. From that moment on, the journey takes on a life of its own. You step off the plane and into the jetstream of travel.A few years back, Taylor Steele and Dustin Humphrey explored this concept in their film/book collaboration Sipping Jetstreams, discovering how new veins of travel enhance the experience of riding waves.
For Castles In The Sky, Taylor Steele pioneered new coastlines on every corner of the globe, dived into the cultural stew of global exploration and brought it all to life through a visual whirlwind of inspiration.Dane Reynolds in Iceland. Rob Machado in Peru. Dave Rastovich in India. Jordy Smith in Africa. These are just a few of the adventures forming Castles In The Sky.

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